54 J Swae

54 J Swae
Overcoming struggle is a decision and a mind state.
— 54 J Swae

Tell me a little about yourself?

Born in April 1991. Grew up in Fondren Park in SW Houston. Moved in with my dad in the Spring Branch area for high school. Dropped out of High School and became my dads neighbor. Then life started. My music explains the rest.

So what got you into making music?

I played the Violin ‘til I was 13. Everyone in my neighborhood would freestyle at the pool during Adult Swim and I was intrigued by delivery, punch lines and rhythm.

What words describe your music?

I would say my music is authentic, raw, and motivating. 

Who are your favorite Houston legends? 

My Legends are SPM, Chamillionaire, Guerilla Maab, Devin the Dude.

 Who should we be listening to right now?

Upcoming artists I appreciate are Wes Blanco, Yung Turk, Stunky and Yung Matta.

What's your state of mind when you make music... and where do you write lyrics?

I’m usually one deep when I write. In my apartment. Smoking doobies. If a beat catches my attention I immediately make a hook. I wake up and write most of the time or I’ll just be in a vibe and the need to write just flows.

Which song of yours is your favorite? Anything in the works right now?

My favorite is Bissonnet. It gives a detailed picture of the journey I’ve taken. I can feel myself going through life hearing this song. A lot of emotion behind this track called Andale. In Spanish that means hurry up. Reminds me of Bissonnet a bit. 

Our city is unique as the most diverse in the United States.  How do you think growing up in Houston shaped who you our today? 

Houston is all I know. Growing up in SW molded me. The old culture of Houston definitely made me. Houston has so much commerce that one has to adjust or get left behind. Hustle Town.. 

How do you overcome struggle?  What challenges have you learned from in life?

Overcoming struggle is a decision and a mind state. You find a way or finesse one. Staying positive is huge. Many times I went back to zero but due to my desire and hunger I came back harder every time.

If you could only wear three designers for the rest of your life?

My favorite designers Versace, Gucci, and Buscemi.

What about if you had unlimited funds, which places would you travel and why? 

I want to visit Egypt because all the sacred history that took place there. I want to go to China so I can find the plug on something. I also would like to visit Italy just to have dinner. 

Any favorite memories at Memorial High School?

High school was a blur. Dropped out in 10th grade. 

What advice would you give someone trying to make music like you?

My advice is save up to invest. Stay in your lane. Work harder then the competition. 

What do you need to change to be better tomorrow than today - both musically and personally?

Every one should become a vegan and drink Alkaline water. Think like a champion. Negativity is a waste of time and energy instead focus on what’s to come or how much profit u can make.

Any shoutouts to special people in your life?

Shoutout 2 da plug. Shoutout to my Mom my Brother and my nieces. 

Tell me something about yourself that I left out and didn’t ask you? 

I don't fuck with social media. I don't flex or feel the need to show off what i do. My music is dope and dope sells itself. Never thought of advertising my music or thinking people would want to hear me.

I don’t drink. I don’t party. Me having fun is chillin’ with my nieces. Going out to eat with my grandma. Or putting on a show. Grind Now. Grind Later.