Thomas KruseWOLFER, Music, Trap, Beats


Thomas KruseWOLFER, Music, Trap, Beats

Music and Fashion are one-in-the-same. Musicians are tastemakers who inspire us to dress and act a certain way. Rock, Grunge, punk, hip-hop, EDM are not just music genres, but for many people constitute a lifestyle that influences everyday patterns and behaviors and how we present ourselves. Music is how we dress, how we walk, how we talk. It is a both a form of self expression and a shield behind which we can hide, problematizing our own experiences through the lens of the songs we hear. For the gifted creatives who are involved in music, the art form becomes an even more powerful outlet.

What words would you use to describe your music?

Dark Side Basement Music

What are your aspirations for the future? What do you want out of your music? Where do you see yourself tomorrow, next year, in five years?

I want to make my music to travel worldwide, and I also want to travel with my music. I love to show foreigners the flavours of my town and around. I'm not considering myself as a true musician, but music and shows are pretty much my main hobbies. It's just for fun so wherever it brings me I'll be happy.

How did you get into trap/hip-hop style music? Who do you consider as idols/inspiration/influences?

All Trap Music was part of what made me dig rap and trap. At the same time I discovered some Montreal blogs, crews and artists which were also diggin the ''trendy'' genre like Mook-Life, 10kilos, Artbeat Montréal... There was an independent music scene that was pretty similar to what I was listening on Youtube that was called ''Piu Piu''. I discovered artists like Tommy Kruise, High Klassified, Vlooper and more and I firstly went to an underground show featuring TK and Vlooper when I was 16 or 17. It was the first time I listened to music that loud in a place and also the first time I heard music genres like that. I was like dude I gotta do this too, seems so cool and fun.

Album 8PM in Montcalm and SUPERSONIC EP

Tell me about the local music scene where you are from...

Quebec City rap music scene is small and strange. I couldn't really explain it right now because it's complicated. I only concentrate on original and new content that is made out here. I actually organize music events and promote local music through Facebook and Instagram with a portal I created and branded by myself which is named Bums & Beats. I try to manage in making the beatmaking and original rap scene larger in my town and more accessible to the rest of the world.

Looking back at your first projects, what do you see?

My growth is obvious and I like when I listen and sometimes find out that some of my old things have great potential. Now, I improved my skills and I have a better flow, I'm extremely far from mastery but final results are always more satisfying with time.

If readers only listen to one of your songs?

Thanks, I'd suggest Bricks because it's my favorite.

Albums DOUBLE XP (avec ou sans) and GoldenEye

Where are you when you make music? What is your ideal/actual frame of mind when you create tour best works?

I usually make my music in my bedroom, but place doesn't really affect something at all. Before making a beat most of the time I decide the vibe before, per example ''very ignorant aggressive juicy j lex luger type beat'' or ''trying hard to create something original type beat''... My mind and mood sometimes affect what I create but I try to make mood and creation two spaced things.

What has creating music given you?

It's just satisfaction, I can listen to exactly what I want to listen by putting sounds together in my way.

Who should I be listening to right now?

My Soundcloud/Youtube likes collection.

Some of your songs are in french...any good french language rap?

I'm very picky in what I like when its about french rap. Sometimes I fucking hate it, mostly when it sounds just like wack american rip off. Here in Quebec tho some rapper are using the Quebec french accent which is totally different of France french accent. Some are mixing it with english and thats what I like the most. I still fuck with a couple of french artists. It always depend on the vibes for real.

How about fashion... How would you describe your style? Where do you shop? If you could only wear three brands/designers for the rest of your life?

I love fashion and to dress in any way I like. I mostly cop clothes in thrifts and also online for specific brand new pieces. Right now I gotta say I'm hooked with Japanese street style. Since my trip I'm completely sold to their steez. If I could only wear three brands/designers I'd chose Gildan for my t-shirts, Levis for my pants and Converse for my feets because I would look good and feel comfortable at any time.


^^^My Favorite Track

If you could sit down with a historical figure, who? What questions would you ask?

Beside Chief Keef I have no idea... I'd ask him if he's down to collab.

Important question... Biggie or 2pac?

2pac, but for real I couldnt even name any of their songs beside change or juicy... hahaha!

Tell me three words that explain the key to success

Originality, Speed, Hardwork (imo).

What do you need to improve to be better than yesterday?

Motivation and no more cowardice.

Tell me your thoughts about the power of music...

It's awesome in my case because it motives me and give me confidence.